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Since 1981, Aerial Video Systems has been at the cutting edge of wireless camera technology for sports, entertainment, film, and more. Now a part of the NEP Worldwide Network, we offer a complete range of solutions for the modern broadcast industry. Our expert team provides in-house, end-to-end engineering and deployment of cameras, aircraft platforms, 4K/UHD RF systems, fiber optic connectivity, and mobile production units.

Academy Awards 2011 Red Carpet | AVS Aerial Video Systems

HD Wireless
Camera Systems

With decades of experience and highly-trained technicians, AVS delivers the best picture quality and signal stability for any event — in any environment. AVS has proven that wireless camera technology is essential for covering . . .

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LA Marathon | AVS Aerial Video Systems

Aerial Production

AVS provides turnkey aerial video packages to productions worldwide. Our Partenavia cameraships offer extended coverage of live and recorded events, and we also work directly with helicopter providers to supply local aircraft and pilots for your production, no matter where . . .

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Aerial & Equipment | AVS Aerial Video Systems

Mobile RF Centers

Our mobile RF production units are readily available to supply HD video and audio support environments to any production. From reality TV shows to major sporting events, our mobile units are highly adaptable and provide the most reliable deployment of AVS technology.

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AVS is a part of the NEP Worldwide Network, the leading production partner supporting premier content producers of live sports and entertainment. For over 30 years, NEP has provided the technology and know-how for:


  • Mobile Units and OBs
  • Flypacks
  • Studio Production
  • Centralized Production
  • Host Broadcast Support
  • Systems Integration
  • Post Production
  • Augmented Reality
  • Specialty Capture Services


  • LED Screens
  • LED Screen Trucks
  • Projection & Projection Mapping
  • Display
  • Audio
  • Lighting


  • Automated Ingest
  • Media Asset Management
  • Master Control
  • Remote Commentary
  • Live/Non-Live Graphics
  • Premium Playout
  • Advanced Content Delivery
  • Intuitive System Monitoring
  • Connectivity

Learn more about the NEP Group at nepgroup.com.

Our Work

AVS provides wireless camera technology and aerial video platforms to the biggest names in the broadcast industry. Click through the photos to see a glimpse of our accomplishments over the years.


Top brands and companies trust us to capture their most important moments. Click through to see some of the names we've been proud to work with since 1981.