AVS POV at Pro Bull Riding
Point of View Cams

Point-of-view (POV) cameras put viewers right in the center of action. These small, well-placed devices provide perspectives that satisfy television and movie viewers in ways they hadn't thought possible. From the helmet of an athlete, the dashboard of a race car, or the arena of a pro bull rider, AVS can design and build any POV system to suit your production needs.

Helmet Cams—AVS will show your audience what the athletes see. From motocross, hockey, football, baseball, or any other sport requiring a helmet, POV cams are light and compact and transmit video wirelessly to ensure full mobility and unobstructed performance while maintaining approved helmet safety specifications. 


Stitchcam—A diminutive camera system with big possibilities for the film industry. This unit maintains the compact requirements of a helmet-mounted POV system, while providing an anamorphic aspect ratio for the cinema screen. AVS designed the Stitch-Cam by joining two video cameras in a single housing. The dual feeds are then “stitched” together in post-production for a proper aspect ratio and high resolution print.

POV cams are light and compact yet can offer full HD coverage of unique angles for capturing fast-paced action. AVS makes use of the most robust and stable electronics to allow these camera systems to perform in extreme environments and in the most concealed of settings.