Partenavia P68 Observer
Partenavia P68 Observer

AVS's Partenavia P68 Observer aircraft is the pinnacle of aerial camera platforms. With its twin engines and high-wing profile, the P68 provides greater range, flight time, and performance than helicopters and blimps. A plexiglass canopy gives flight crews better visibility to cover subjects, and bomb-bay doors provide a full 360 degree camera view. AVS's P68 represents the ideal aerial camera platform.

Outfitted with high-technology and seamless integration in mind, the P68 can provide reliable aerial shots with the full-featured camera controls and production communications of a terrestrial system. The P68 deploys cameras through its bomb-bay doors and can transmit to ground crews and record on-board. With AVS's Cineflex V14 and Link microwave systems, the P68 is fully HD capable, yet retains the ability to mount other systems, including FLIR infrared and SD cameras.

Why choose the Partenavia P68?

- Twin-engine reliability

- Over 7 hours flight time

- HD video record and microwave transmission capable

- Deployable camera through bomb-bay doors

- Full 360-degree view

- Remote video control from ground production

- Cockpit and tail cameras

- Talent IFB

- Dual UHF communications

- 158 knots (178 mph) maximum cruise speed

- 62 knots (68 mph) minimum control speed

- Air conditioned

- Six point intercom system


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