RF-3 at Super Bowl
Mobile RF Centers

With a fleet of three mobile RF trucks, AVS brings its own HD video and audio support environments to seamlessly interface with your production. From reality television to major sporting events, each RF truck can adapt to a variety of production needs and provide the most reliable deployment of AVS HD technology.



RF-1 is designed for productions where six or fewer RF cameras are required. This production facility supports twelve wireless microphone channels, four IFB channels, eight PLs, and boasts a forty-five foot air-mast antenna.



RF-2 supports productions where four or fewer RF cameras are needed and will accommodate twelve wireless microphone channels, four IFB, eight PLs, and has a forty-five foot air-mast antenna. 



RF-3 Mobile RF

RF-3 is the flagship of the AVS mobile RF fleet. Within its 53-foot length, RF-3 contains four, separate production and technical rooms that enable the AVS team to not only operate its HD equipment in the field, but also work most effectively with your producers and talent.

The technical features of RF-3 allow AVS to monitor, control, and switch wireless microphones and HD cameras; establish site-wide radio communications; and route fiber-optic feeds between other production trucks. RF-3's 60-foot air mast allows AVS to layout strong and unobstructed RF paths and its workshop areas provide AVS with sufficient space to manage radio assignments and assemble wireless audio and video packs. In addition to RF-3's technical sections, a private green room offers a space to prepare talent equipment and remain comfortable between calls.

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