AVS HD Wireless Steadicam at Dancing with the Stars
HD Wireless

Mobilize your production and bring HD video to your audience without the tethered constraints of wired cameras.

AVS P1 Steadicam PackageFreedom of Movement—AVS leads the television broadcast industry with Link HD wireless microwave technology. With robust signal characteristics and an ultra-low delay of slightly over one video frame (40-45 milliseconds), AVS provides strong and fast HD video transmission with free-ranging mobility throughout any production venue.

Full-featured Camera Control—AVS enables production crews seamless video control of our camera systems as if operated on triaxial cable.

Lightest HD Wireless Rig—Save your camera operators from excess weight and cumbersome equipment. Small yet full featured modules make the camera systems AVS deploys the most light-weight and compact HD wireless setup in the industry. With cutting-edge camera systems for both Steadicam and shoulder-mounted applications, AVS has the ideal system for virtually any live broadcast.

AVS has designed unique solutions to bring this HD wireless technology to a variety of production venues, including sports arenas, television studios and amusement parks, just to name a few, allowing broadcasters to take advantage of full-featured, light-weight mobility for HD video.