AVS Cineflex HD on an R44 Helicopter
Cineflex HD

The Cineflex V14HD is the supreme system for HD aerial production. Whether mounted on AVS's own Partenavia aircraft platform, third-party helicopter, or other water or land vehicle, the Cineflex provides the most stable, high-quality, and best performing tool for aerial and terrestrial video coverage.

SDCC CineflexWith the Cineflex V14HD integrated with a Sony HDC-1500 camera, AVS can provide video resolution up to 1920x1080 and is capable of capturing dual-link 4:4:4. In addition to the rock-solid stability of the five-axis, gyro-stabilized control system, custom aircraft specific mounts further protect against vibration.


IRT CineflexAVS now stocks three Cineflex V14HD cameras as well as both 42 x 9.5 and 13 x 4.5 lens options.  This diverse inventory combined with our 30 years of aerial experience allows us to bring the advantages of full HD aerial video to any type of production anywhere around the world.