AVS Golf
Golf HD-RF Packages

 AVS provides RF services to cover any size golf tournament anywhere in the world.

Our turnkey packages include, but are not limited to; fiber-optic and digital microwave audio/video transmission, hand-held RF systems, wireless talent and effects microphone packages and a complete array of communication solutions.

Fiber-Optics and Digital Microwave

The use of fiber optics coupled with digital microwave provides a dependable signal and superior image quality. AVS can provide a central receive site for multiple RF channels or install individual sites at each hole. AVS is also capable of providing a custom designed program to address the requirements of your golf event coverage. Every member of the AVS team is schooled in the operation of our equipment, compliant to the mandates of the production team and knowledgeable of golf course etiquette.

AVS Mobile RF Trucks

The golf package can be enhanced by one of our three RF and QC trucks. This addition will reduce set up time and eliminate the need for storage space. Our trucks are equipped to easily interface with virtually any production vehicle, reducing complications from portable microwave and communications equipment. The AVS golf package, when combined with one of our RF trucks, will lower your production bottom line by streamlining the setup and testing process while providing the highest quality video and audio coverage.