AVS HD Wireless at the 24th Breeders' Cup
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ESPN Sports used Aerial Video Systems' (AVS) HD wireless technology to capture all of the pageantry of this year’s 24th Breeders’ Cup. A Link 1500 HD wireless camera transmitter from Microwave Radio Communications (MRC) was used for coverage of the event, held at Monmouth Park in New Jersey. The Link 1500 HD system is modular in design and transmits both SD and HD images.

ESPN's coverage included 28 HD cameras, including car-mounted versions that closely tracked the horses throughout the race. In addition, an overhead blimp provided aerial coverage while virtual displays marked the yardage to the finish line. Aerial Video Systems of Burbank, California, supplied the MRC equipment to ESPN for its live coverage.

Randy Hermes, president of AVS, said the Link 1500 HD system allowed them to switch quickly out of the RF section to give his crew the versatility of using multiple frequency bands in the 2GHz band, ensuring a reliable signal.

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Wireless HD at Superbowl & NBA All Star Game
Sunday, 19 February 2006 01:02

AVS HD Wireless at the Super BowlFrom the gridiron of the Super Bowl in Detroit to the hardwood of the NBA All-Star game in Houston, Aerial Video Systems (AVS) continues to dazzle production crews and TV viewers with its high-definition digital wireless camera system.

After AVS's historic and successful demonstration of its HD wireless capabilities at a Monday Night Football game in December, ABC Sports contracted the Burbank-based company to provide two HD wireless camera systems to cover the 2006 Super Bowl. The HD wireless cameras enabled the cameraman to navigate the congested sidelines without cable drag and to transmit flawless images to the production truck. In addition, AVS deployed an HD wireless camera system to capture the crowd from the stadium catwalks, far above the field for an unobstructed view of the spectators. The camera systems could have been deployed anywhere within the venue, and AVS was proud to cover the excitement of the game festivities with this technology.

AVS HD Wireless at NBA All-Stars

AVS also used its HD wireless camera system at the NBA All-Star game in Houston.  TNT contracted AVS to provide one HD wireless camera system to offer untethered mobility. In this case, the HD system was mounted to a Steadicam rig, which was also another television first for AVS. The Steadicam coupled with the HD wireless system provided flawless images and rock-solid stability for seamless integration into the production of the all-star tryouts, slam dunk contest, player introductions and halftime show.

At both venues, the video and camera control interfaces were transparent to the production of the show . AVS utilized a Link HD transmitter, a Thomson LDK-6000 camera, and the AVS custom-built fiber optic antenna system. The wide-scale latency of the HD system performs at just over 40 milliseconds, well under 1.5 frames. This amount of delay remains the industry best for the HD wireless technology and allows for direct integration with minimal synchronization issues. Randy Hermes, President of AVS, stated that this HD wireless camera package "represents the future and we have the future in-house, today."
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